The IoT Technology that eliminates all unnecessary communications and goes direct to the source!

In conventional methods, a guest would pick up the phone and call front desk or housekeeping for a request like an additional pillow, towel etc. Then from this point onwards the process starts, front desk would call housekeeping, housekeeping would try to find the houseman/runner and have the item delivered to the requesting guest room.

RoomOperations with RoomPanels eliminates the middle men and connects the guest rooms directly with the related staff. Now if a guest requests an additional pillow, towel etc. They can select the item from the RoomPanel and request it. The request will directly go to the staff mobile phone as a request to be delivered.


  • IoT Technology, Connects directly to your WiFi network
  • Programmable Buttons that can request e.g.
    • Towels
    • Pillows
    • Water
    • Coffee
    • Check Out
    • any other item that is required
  • Send Information directly to relative staff
    • Houseman / Room Runners
    • Housekeeping
    • Front Desk
    • Concierge
  • PMS Integration
  • Task based tracking by department admins
  • Reporting

Conventional Guest Requests

RoomPanel Guest Requests

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