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Fully Automated

Can be fully integrated with your existing PMS systems or overlay making it a powerful tool to automate all your hotel room operations with no hassle!

Scheduling & Forecasting

With it's advance technology, supervisors are able to forecast and schedule assignments automatically.

Workload Management

Distribute workload between attendants or technicians via the user interface by simply dragging and dropping the assignment.

Real Time Staff Tracking

Track attendants in real time using the advance sensor technology (IoT) built into the environment.

Minibar Control

Empowering the room or minibar attendant, instantly define the consumed minibar items of a room and route the information to the relative departments e.g. Front desk.

Maintenance & Engineering

Attendants or technicians can create maintenance assingments and job sheets by simply taking a photo and selecting a reason.


Communicate in the users language, even if you do not know theirs. Breaking the language barrier!

Inventory Management

Easily track the consumption of items per room like linen, consumables etc.

Lost & Found

Instantly report lost and found items with the relative departments.

Cloud Based

Harnesing the power of the cloud! Using the powerful servers of Microsoft Azure, access your information anytime, anywhere.

Advanced Reporting

Create advance reports like, daily assignments, inventory consumption, amount of time spent on each location by staff and many more.

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