Reduce Costs

Forecast and understand your staff needs instantly with its advanced features. Automatically distribute the workload between peers. Eliminate paper consumption, making your hotel a greener environment.

Increase Productivity

Track time spent on tasks. Manage workloads between peers. Instantly redirect cleaning and maintenance tasks between peers.

Empower Users

Attendants can review minibar items eliminating a user to come an review each minibar. Also attendants can request engineering on items that they see faulty instantly.

Eliminate Misunderstanding

No more misunderstanding between peers. RoomOperations eliminates the language barrier enabling the users to communicate and understand in their language.

Track staff location

Using RoomOperations IoT sensors, you can track staff in real time and understand the flow of the staff on the hotel floor.

Reduce turnover time

Using RoomOperations Advanced scheduling features, attendants are instantly notified on room changes and requirements.

No IT admins

RoomOperations is a cloud enabled system that requires no on site server. Which minimizes the requirement of IT Staff and Costly Server Requirements

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